Cyber Security Specialist Job Description and Salary

You may be expected to help your development teams as they create new software, ensuring a smooth migration to new solutions and helping to identify issues as they arise in testing. The work may involve maintaining security software and integrating new security into an organisation using various tools and techniques including firewalls, spyware, malware detection and intrusion detection systems. CBP supports Personnel Security Specialists with long-term career success, rapid promotion potential and first-rate training for new and current Personnel Security Specialists. Personnel Security Specialist is a career ladder position with a grade level progression of GS-5, GS-7, GS-9 and GS-11. You are eligible for a promotion to the next grade level without reapplying once you successfully complete one year in each grade level, with supervisor approval. At the GS-12 level and beyond, you compete for positions and are promoted based on merit with significant pay boost for progressing on the career ladder.

  • The role is dedicated to internal IT with tasks like security incident management, vulnerability management, secure asset management, implement security standards in IT, cryptographic implementation and security in IT projects.
  • Developing security systems often involves the collaboration of many specialized professionals.
  • The sample may be used as a way of gathering ideas before crafting your own job description, or as a template that you can edit with the specific information about the job in question.
  • The LPI Linux Essentials and ITIL® Foundation Certificationare central to this program.
  • But typically these specialists are expected to install, configure, and maintain security software designed to prevent outside attacks on the company’s internal network.
  • Enforce & implement all property management rules & policies as well as emergency procedures.

Regardless of your degree, it is important to constantly educate yourself on new technologies and threats. Sometimes, this may mean taking additional cyber certifications or classes after you are hired. Cybersecurity operations jobs are among the fastest-growing roles in IT, as organizations set up security operations centers and establish IT security teams to monitor and respond to global security incidents.

How do Information Security Specialists Rate Their Jobs?

Contact recruiters directly to double-check that your qualification will be right for the specific job you’re aiming for. Manage the pay-per-click system from threats and identify and manage incidents to mitigate risks. Perform research, testing, evaluation, and deployment of security technology and procedures. Managing, coordinating, and supervising all security operations, protocols, and processes. Overseeing the installation and upgrades of both hardware and software systems. Your goal will be to ensure that our technology infrastructure is well-protected.

Cyber security jobs of all sorts are becoming increasingly crucial in the digital age. From a specialist to an analyst to the IT security director, there are many jobs that focus on network security and all of these positions are vital for information security success. As a result, cyber security jobs have only grown in importance and demand—especially with the growth of ransomware attacks and data breaches that expose sensitive information. The different types of security specialist jobs include positions in information technology security, physical security, and various positions in law enforcement.

Security Specialists

Tech Co. is a large server storage company with locations on both coasts of the United States. We maintain off-site data storage for more than a hundred small and medium sized businesses throughout the United States.

  • The CCNA Cyber Ops certification program provides practical, relevant, and job-ready curricula that aligns closely with the specific tasks expected of cybersecurity professionals.
  • As an IT Security Specialist you will work to identify and mitigate against any security threats, weaknesses, bugs or exploits impacting on your organisations cyber security.
  • Collaborate with other security colleagues and propose network improvements and new software solutions to security managers and architects.
  • However, the qualifications required for a cybersecurity job can vary from employer to employer.
  • A Security Specialist could be responsible for all aspects of IT Security at an organisation.

Browse the top-reviewed undergrad & graduate degrees, professional certificates, online courses and self-paced training programs matching the IT security specialist education requirements and career path. A physical security specialist can make anywhere between $60,000 and just over $100,000 per year. The average salary is closer to $70,000 per year at mid-level, with higher-level physical security specialists making $90,000 to $100,000 per year. Even though a few skill sets overlap, there are some differences that are important to note.

“Good learning and helps in self development.”

Backing up your employer’s information is another duty you’ll need to perform to ensure that in the worst case scenario, you don’t lose everything you’re working to protect. You how to become a security specialist might receive job training if the employer has several bodyguards or a personal security team. Postsecondary education in criminal justice or police science can be beneficial.

what is a security specialist

Learn more about the responsibilities, duties, and daily tasks of security specialists and how they make a difference in their companies. If you have enough expertise, good connections, and are keen on entering the entrepreneurial world, you might consider becoming a systems security consultant.

An employer might offer training in the form of familiarizing you with specific software or hardware the company uses. You might want to pursue a police or military background before getting involved in personal security. Many of you can learn useful skills in those fields that you can later apply to personal security. The education and training requirements vary heavily, since the needs of employers can differ from one to the next. Important and high-profile individuals count on personal security specialists to keep them safe every day.

  • The role of a cybersecurity specialist is usually considered an entry-level job.
  • Now, major breaches, like LinkedIn’s data leak in June 2021, threaten to affect a shocking amount of users.
  • Without much experience working in the cyber security field, you’ll probably need to apply for entry-level IT or cyber security positions.
  • However, check beforehand whether an employer does want you to have a cyber security certificate, and which specific one they have in mind.
  • According to the US News report on best technology jobs, an information security analyst’s title comes in at number five.

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